An enduring legacy of faith and family

Our Heart

Welcome to Camp Utopia, where faith, fun, and friendship come together to make unforgettable experiences. We are a christian camp, conference, and retreat center. Like a home away from home, we provide a peaceful escape in the outdoors for individuals and groups to deepen their relationship with God and connect with like-minded people.

Faith Comes First

This is a dedicated place for people to grow in their faith, learn about Jesus and the principles of christian living. It's our deep desire to share these things with others, since they are good and lead to life! The camp was built by the Alabama Church of God, a Christian denomination, and we stand on their core values.

Camp History

Where We've been

The Beautiful land was purchased by the Church then we started building
Camp Utopia hosted the first summer camp on the grounds
A decade of steady growth and consistent results
Modernization of facilities
To accommodate growth, we added the Main Building
Launch of Capitol Campaign to fund facility expansion and renovation
Today we host thousands of visitors every year
Ryan Bristow

Leadership Matters

Meet ryan bristow

State Youth & Discipleship Director

Ryan is the current director of Camp Utopia and is serving his 4-year term. Throughout his life, Ryan has been involved as a student, counselor, and a leader. His parents began working Camp Utopia before he was born, with his earliest memories of summer spent here. Interestingly, Ryan’s father served in his same position, Director of Youth and Discipleship, from 1987 to 1991. Today, with deep ties to this place, he considers the people of Camp Utopia family.

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